Print Tips: Getting An Image Ready for Large Format Printing

 In Reprographics

If you’ve ever tried to take an image and print it in a large format, you probably know that it can get complicated. Not only will you need the services of a photo printing center (as large, expensive equipment is necessary) but you’ll also need to do some prep work to make sure your photo stands the best chance for being all it can be.

The first thing you’ll want to do: make sure your camera’s settings are adjusted for the highest resolution possible (usually, this means choosing the RAW format.)Then get ready to do some work on a photo editing software (like Photoshop.) Adjust the dpi (digital pixels per inch) to 300. According to one source, “print shops generally recommend between 240 and 360, but 300 will ensure that you have the clearest image, free of both blur and grain.”

Save your files as a TIFF (.tif) file or Photoshop (.psd) file. These formats work much better than JPEG for large printing. (Note: the TIFF format is also called RAW on many digital camera models.)

Finally, you’ll want to send the image file to a professional print shop. If you plan on doing a lot of large format printing, then you’ll need to invest in a large format printer!

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