Making the Most of Your Large Format Printer: Canvas Printing

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A great benefit of keeping a large format printer is the ability to make beautiful canvas prints. These prints are intended to imitate the look of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas – and they really do have a stunning effect!

Most canvas print materials are cotton or a cotton blend, but some cheaper alternatives do exist – usually a plastic blend of some kind. Modern large format printers can print directly onto these rolled canvases, with slow printing speeds ensuring that print quality is not lost.

Once the print finishes, the user must manually cut the image from the canvas roll. At this point there is a real satisfaction to this process. One really feels that he is working with raw materials to make something tangible and beautiful. The uses are many: home décor or as a gift or original piece of art. Images can be drawn from one’s own work, a photograph, drawing, or even something uploaded to social media – just one more way to make good use of your large format printer.

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