Print Tips – Resolution

 In Reprographics

Here are some “resolution” basics: the higher the resolution, the sharper the definition along the edge of all the subjects in the image. Images with lower resolution can’t be effectively enlarged without losing quality. The pixels will become blurry and very visible with rough or jagged edges around the subject matter. Resolution is closely related to camera/lens technology. How the image was captured will determine what kind of resolution it bears. Usually expressed as two numbers (ex: 640 x 480), the first number indicates dots (640 dots) on each of the horizontal lines (480 lines.)

You’ll want to select a resolution based on how you’ll be using the image. Ultimately, a higher resolution is desireable for larger format printing. The following scale from is useful:

Low resolution: 640×480
-Use: web sites and multimedia presentations

Medium resolution: 1024×768
-use: proofs, inspection work, mock-ups, general purpose

High resolution: 1280×960, 1524×1012, 1768×1152, 1792×1200
-Use: higher quality print output for magazines, folders, promotional materials

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