The Very Best: Photo Paper for the Pros

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The very best, top-notch photographs require the very best paper – that probably comes as no surprise. What might shock you is that there’s no single formula used by experts. Quite the contrary – it is standard for most photographers to go through a trial period with papers, choosing a different one for portraits, black and whites, landscapes, saturated or bright graphics, and so on. Each paper type responds differently to various mediums.

So how does that help you, the aspiring amateur? Well, you too can experiment. Of course, with high-end paper those experiments can get expensive very quickly, but don’t give up. Some paper manufacturers offer sample packets and swatches that you can give a trial period. Get in touch with a manufacturer and find something that works for you today. Finally, many pros will spray their prints with a special “photographic fixative.” You should look into finding one of these too.

Good luck and happy printing!

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