Ink Types: Latex

 In Reprographics

Last week we discussed the now outdated pen/plotter printing process. Today we’ll discuss latex inks. If you’re new to the series, we’re introducing printing technology based on the different types of most commonly used inks, including:

• Aqueous
• Solvent
• UV
• Dye sublimation
• Pen/Plotter
• Latex

Latex inks are becoming a popular alternative to traditional solvent-based inks used in large format printing. Latex inks are (generally) water-based and made from recyclable materials. According to one source, “The ink’s main ingredients are latex polymer and pigment particles. Its composition is 70% water and 30% additives. It is also odorless.”

One of the biggest advantages that proponents of latex inks often cite is their safety. Certain solvents can expose users and the environment to potentially harmful compounds.

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