Choosing a Large Format / Wide Format Printer

 In Reprographics

There are lots of good reason to buy a large format (or “wide format”) printer for your business. Have you ever wanted to print a banner or poster for your company? As camera technology progresses quickly and reaches the masses, photographs are more important than ever. This makes choosing the right wide format printer an essential step.

Accordingly, you should look for something that matches quality to price. You should look at print features, ease of use, and help & support. Ask yourself: what is the print speed? How much paper does it hold and how much paper can it feed at once? Does it overwhelm the basic user? Does it have enough features to do more complicated tasks? And finally, does it have a good warranty and does it offer support. This is a powerful, expensive piece of equipment, and it should come with some resources.

That’s all just a start. For more information, check out helpful review sites, like

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