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Canon iPF 780 36″ Color Plotter


Simplify your workflow with the 36” imagePROGRAF iPF785/iPF780 and
24” iPF685/iPF680 Large-Format Printers
The newest additions to Canon’s technical document
large-format printer line-up.

• Print speeds are capable of producing a 24” x 36” Arch D-sized print in approximately 21 seconds in Economy Mode!.
• In addition to the 130 ml ink tanks, 300 ml ink tanks are compatible with these solutions to help lower ink costs per print. Users also have the option to mix and match ink tank sizes.
• A newly formulated Magenta ink helps improve the clarity and vibrancy of red fine lines, text, and images.
• Allows for ink tanks to be changed on the fly, without interrupting the print job.
• Canon workflow solutions feature familiar and new favorites, such as a new mobile printing app,.. Direct Print & Share, Status Monitor, Media Configuration Tool,Print Plug-in for Microsoft® Office, and more!

These printers aim to boost productivity while staying true to some of their great legacy features. Faster draft printing, increased ink tank sizes, a new magenta ink, and software enhancements help make printing easier and more convenient than ever before, while the sub-ink-tank system, large on-board hard drive,* and user-friendly assembly all carry over to help ensure the printer operates seamlessly into your workflow.
*Hard drive included only with iPF785 and iPF685 models.
* iPF785/780 models only.
. App can be downloaded from iTunes®.



The iPF785/780 and iPF685/680 printers offer speeds that have never been seen before on previous Canon imagePROGRAF large-format printer models. In their fastest mode (Economy Mode), the 36” iPF785/780 printers are capable of reproducing 24” x 36” Arch D-sized prints in approximately 21 seconds! The 24” iPF685/680 printers can reproduce 24” x 36” Arch D-sized prints in approximately 25 seconds!
A newly formulated Magenta ink helps improve the clarity and vibrancy of red fine lines, text, and images in many technical and poster prints. The color gamut has also increased in the orange to red areas when compared to previous models. From a productivity perspective, the printers now support ink tank sizes of 300 ml to help lower the cost per print. The included sub-ink-tank system allows for users to use all the ink that’s available in a tank before replacement is needed. It also allows for on-the-fly swapping of ink tanks, should one run out during the middle of a print job.
All four models include the flat stacker/basket, previously seen on only the iPF76x Series models. This feature provides the capability to neatly stack up to twenty 24” x 36” plain paper prints and can be enabled or disabled based on user preference.
Also included on the iPF785 and iPF685 models is a 320 GB hard drive, allowing for the storage of up to 500 print jobs, the creation of individual user mail boxes, and improved print processing while falling under U.S. Department of Defense requirements (DoD 5220.22-M).
Enhancements to the line-up of imagePROGRAF software solutions will help improve printing workflow and management.
imagePROGRAF Print Utility*
For the first time, a mobile app has been made available for imagePROGRAF large-format printers.
This iOS-based app allows users to print PDF files
from their iPad®.
Direct Print & Share 2.0**
Canon’s cloud-based portal solution has been
updated to support additional WebDAV-compliant cloud servers, along with HP-GL/2 data to allow for the printing of JPG, TIFF, PDF, and HP-GL/2 files from almost anywhere in the world! Also, a new “shortcut print” button has been added. With this additional functionality, hot folders can be created and set up on your desktop. You can drag and drop your files into the folders and your jobs will begin printing automatically! Multiple folders can be set up for shortcut printing, each with their own print settings for custom printing applications!
Canon’s optional, added-value poster-creation software has been upgraded for use with Direct Print & Share. Various software improvements with variable data printing and file structure have also been made for easier use.
Status Monitor
This software can be used with all imagePROGRAF devices and has been updated to include an “ink purchase notification” function. This notifies users when their ink supply is low and a purchase is needed.

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