Ledco 44″ Signmaster


The Signmaster 44 combines the features and benefits of the well-known, Econocraft pressure-sensitive roll-applicator with the XL44 pouch mounter/laminator. The resulting hot roll Signmaster 44 conveniently and easily automates the use of transfer tape, pressure-sensitive laminates, thermal and pressure sensitive mounting boards, mounting boards with over-laminates, and thermal pouches. Fast and versatile, it takes little instruction to be up and running. The Signmaster 44 is forgiving and will apply most materials under a wide range of speed and tension settings.

The Ledco Signmaster 44 is a heavy duty, commercial laminator designed for the most rigorous and demanding jobs and workloads. It is designed to provide quality lamination of a wide variety of papers, vinyls and other materials up to 1/2″ thick using film up to 10 mils thick.