National Direct Reprographics respects your privacy. The only information we collect is the information you give us, and it’s generally things like your name, address, and other things that we would need to know to process your order. We never see your credit card number, and do not store them on our server – it’s for your safety as well as ours.

We do not share any of the information that you provide to us with anyone- ever. We do not send unsolicited messages – the only communications you will ever receive from us will be in reference to any order that you place, and that is all. Silk Naturals does send email newsletters from time to time, but you must opt-in to our mailing list to receive them. If you decide you do not want to receive our newsletters you can log into your account, and opt-out of receiving these mailings. We don’t send them often- but if we have a sale, or if there is something that we think our customers need to know – then we send them. They’re usually pretty fun.

We do record your computer’s IP address when you place an order- this is to protect us from fraud, but we do not do anything with this information on 99.999% of the orders that we receive.

If you use our “tell a friend” function – we never see that address, and we do not send any additional emails to your friends or family.